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Steel deck complete with nonskid walking surfaces
Hydraulic stabilizer legs (two)
80 gallon hydraulic oil tank (approximately)
Safety decals (English)
Fully painted, black and white
Rexroth valves, pumps and controls (where possible)
Control console, swing mounted
Safety and operation manual (two copies, English)
Three hole pump drive box (Funk) complete with clutch
Approximately 14 gallons hydraulic oil (AW46)
56 HP diesel powered unit (Perkins 404D - 22T 2.2 litre turbocharges, EC Stage 3A/USA EPA Tier 3) complete with enclosure
EP-26 drill head
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Accessory power port, 12V
Breakout table, tower mounted (2 in (51 mm) to 6 in (152 mm) nominal, 2 level)
Breakout table, tower mounted (2 in (51 mm) to 6 in (152 mm) nominal, 3 level)
Custom colour (non-metallic)
Decontamination racks
Extended mast (increases tower maximum drill rod length to 6-1/2 ft (2 m)
Horizontal tower positioner (4 way)
Hydraulic oil type (non standard)
Jib hoist complete with 1,100 lb (500 kg) winch (164 FPM (50mPM) max)
Lighting package
Operator training and on site assistance
Machine vise and mount
Receiver hitch hookup
Pipe guides (includes 1 standard size insert)
Stationary rod rack (for 5 ft (1.5m) rods)
One auxiliary hydraulic service line with electrical, valve and hydraulic quick disconnect
Water pump, FMC Model E0413 HD (20 GPM (76 LPM)/600 PSI (41 BAR))
Water transport system
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WEIGHT (APPROXIMATE)   7,020 lbs 3,184 kgs
  56 in 1422 mm
Mast folded
181.5 in 4610 mm
Mast folded
81 in 2057 mm
  Mast folded (foot & head removed) 67.5 in 1715 mm
  Mast raised (jib in lowest position) 176 in 4470 mm
  Mast raised (jib in highest position) 203.5 in 5169 mm
Mast raised (jib removed)
172 in 4369 mm
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