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Breakout table, tower mounted (2-1/2 in (64 mm) to 8 in (203 mm) nominal, 2 level)
14 foot (4.25 m) drill head travel complete with 90 degree tilt
2" receiver, on deck (one only)
Hydraulic stabilizer legs (four)
Safety decals (english)
Fully painted, black and white
Rexroth valves, pumps and controls (where possible)
Main control console
Operator's control console (swing arm mount)
Safety and operation manual (two copies, English)
Side shift (head only, to the right when facing drill head)
Deck mounted power unit (225 HP Cat, 24V)
Hose track assembly for tower hosing
Rubber track assembly
Wireless controller (track control only)
Sonicor 50K drill head
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Additional Safety and Operation manual (one copy, English)
Automated single rod handler (no storage rack, 3" - 8" pipe range, includes rough-in package)
Breakout table upgrade (2½ to 12 inch nominal, 2 level)
Deck boxes (2) with locks - above deck mounting
Gravity feed hydraulic circuit
Jib hoist complete with 1,000 lb winch (top mount, 72 FPM max)
Jib hoist complete with 4,000 lb winch (top mount, 72 FPM max)
Jib hoist operation, secondary controls (requires jib hoist option)
Lighting package (tower)
Manual rod handler system (capable of 8.625" OD casing)
Moyno Pump 3LL6 (cast iron casings, tool steel/chrome plated rotor, buna elastomer stator, packing seal type)
Operator training and on site assistance
Pipe guide set (includes 3 standard size inserts)
Rod spinner, dual drive (mounts on breakout table)
Rod spinner, dual drive (rough-in package)
Secondary oil cooler package
Security covers for main control console and operator's console
SPT Hammer
Tower slide, bumper and controls (30 inch travel)
Two auxiliary hydraulic service lines with electrical, valve and hydraulic quick disconnects
Water pump flow meter
Water pump pressure reliever
Water pump, Bean Model L1122D HSNAR (75 GPM (284 LPM)/1000 PSI (69 BAR), abrasion resistant)
Water pump, Bean Model W1122 BCD (37 GPM (140 LPM)/1000 PSI (69 BAR))   
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