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How does a sonic drill rig work?


Dry coring with an SDC-450! No water or drill mud required!


Watch as a full-capacity sonic track drill powers through compacted road base and gravel overburden, conditions that often jam up other drills!


Sonic SDC-450 track drill performing a geothermal installation for a new housing development in Sooke, BC, for Woodland Creek. Conventional rig drilled one hole in three weeks in ‘boney’ boulder, sands and gravels. The Sonic SDC-450 drilled four holes per day in the same geological conditions!


SDC was contracted by Drilltechniques, a Comacchio dealer based in Queensland, Australia to convert a Comacchio MC900P into a sonic drill. Take a look at the end result which was stunning performance!


SDC's new hands-free rod handling system ensures an enhanced level of safety and convenience for all workers. Watch it in action in these two videos!



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