Sonic SDC450 track drill, Sonicor 50K Drill Head: SDC designed a purpose built drill and Arctic enclosure to suit the extreme cold conditions for a Platinum Mine near Khabarovsk, Russia. Taking large samples in permafrost ground (river bed gravel/cobble)
Sonic SDC550 track drill, Sonicor 50K Drill Head: Exploration drilling off the coast of New Zealand. Sonic Drill Corp. designed and developed a unique "active heave compensation system" used for maintaining constant weight on the bit during vertical motion of the floating offshore platform. SDC also designed the drill platform which secured the drill while hydraulically shifting it ON/OFF the moon pool.
January 2010, a large scale high production open pit gold mine in Lima, Peru reported an impressive 9,255 vibrator hours and 11,000.25 diesel engine hours on a Sonic SDC550 track drill which was delivered in August 2006. Performance figures well in excess of the standard warranty for the head and engine. The drill was used to sample overburden leach pads 24/7. A real world testament to the proven reliability, quality and performance of the Sonicor 50K Drill Head. Only available from the pioneers of Sonic Technology - Sonic Drill Corporation.
Sonic SDC390-14, Sonicor 50K Drill Head: Sampling a limited access site which at one time was a bulk oil storage tank farm and railcar transfer station.
Sonic SDC550, Sonicor 50K Drill Head: Exploration project in South Africa.
Sonic SDC550-24, Sonicor 50K Drill Head: Geotechnical & SPT project on the out skirts of Las Vegas.
Sonic Heli-Portable Drill, Sonicor 33K Drill Head: 6 heli-port units built for a large oil company exploration project in Australia.
Sonic SDC350 track drill, Sonicor 33K Drill Head: Sampling an industrial site in Lyon, France.
Sonic SDC550 track drill, Sonicor 50K Drill Head: Sampling Iron Ore for a Mine in South Africa.
Probe 200 track drill, EP26 drill head: Sampling the Solares in Chile for Lithium at 16,400 ft. above sea level. This powerful little machine reached sample depths of 157' in hard ground (crystallized salt).
Sonic SDC550-24 track drill, Sonicor 50K Drill Head: Sampling Pleistocene beaches for Alluvial Diamonds in the Southern Coastal Mines on the Namibian Coast.
Sonic SDC450 (foreground) and SDC450 (background) long stroke track drills, Sonicor 50K Drill Heads: Drilling geothermal wells for a Waste Water Treatment Facility in Washington State. 119 x 200 ft. boreholes in consolidated rock and sand formations.
Sonic SDC550, Sonicor 50K Drill Head: Drilling though silica sand overburden in the jungles of Guyana, sampling Bauxite in the historical coastal bauxite belt. The drill operates around the clock, 24/7 and collects high-grade Bauxite ore for a producer and supplier of calcined bauxite.
Sonicor 33K Drill Head fitted onto a Casagrande C8: Drilling and compensation grouting during excavation under apartment buildings. 4-1/2" x 160' deep borings. Relative uplift is measured using an electronic level gauge.

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The Sonic Drill Corporation (SDC) is an award-winning designer, manufacturer and supplier of innovative sonic drill heads, rigs and tooling. In addition to holding numerous patents on the revolutionary technology of sonic drilling, Sonic Drill Corporation has invested more than 30 years in sonic research and development, making it the industry pioneer.

As a result, SDC drill rigs have earned the reputation of being three to five times faster (depending on soil conditions) than conventional drills, proving their worth on numerous projects in six continents around the world. Today, Sonic Drill Corporation rigs remain the industry leader as the most reliable and field-proven choice for fast, cost-effective drilling in any type of overburden material.

Over the past decade, Sonic Drill Corporation rigs have won four awards including a 2008 award for best new drilling technology, a 2010 Manning innovation award and the National Ground Water Association's 2012 technology award. Ray Roussy, president of the Sonic Drill Corporation, was also recently inducted into the 2014 International Mining Technology Hall of Fame for his development of sonic drilling technology.


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